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be prepared to end the conflict with israel once and for all. none of these a vital interests appear in the resolution that would be put forward before the general assembly today. this is why israel cannot accept it. the only way to achieve peace is to reach agreement and not through the un resolutions that completely ignore israel's vital security and national interests. this resolution is one-sided. it pushes things backward. as for the rise of the jewish people, i have a simple message for those people gathered in the general assembly today -- no decision by the un can break the 4000-year-old bond between the people of israel and the land of israel.
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[applause] mr. president, the people of israel wait for a palestinian leader in that that is willing to follow in the path -- the world waits for president abbas to speak the truth of peace that can only be achieved through negotiation by recognizing israel as a jewish state. it waits for him to tell him that he will address israel's security needs and end the conflict once and for all. he prefers symbolism over reality, as long as he refers to travel to new york for you and resolutions rather than travel to jerusalem for hope and dialogue, any hope of peace
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would be out of reach. israel has always extended its hand in peace and will always extend its hand for peace. when we faced an arab leader who wanted peace, we made peace. time and again, we have been met with rejection for our offers and denial of our rights and terrorism. the only thing his story about this speech how much he has ignored history. the truth is that 65 years ago today, the united nations voted to petition the british mandate into two states -- a jewish state and an arab state. two states for two people. israel accepted this plan. the palestinians and the arabs rejected this.
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they want to throw the jews into the sea. from 1948 and 1967, the west bank was used by jordan and gaza was ruled by egypt. they created a palestinian state. instead, they sought israel's destruction and were joined by newly formed terrorist organizations. the truth is that camp david in 2000 and again in 2008, israel made far reaches for peace. they were met with rejection and even terrorism. in 2005, israel dismantled and entire communities and uprooted thousands of people from their homes. rather then use this opportunity to have a peaceful future, the palestinians and
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gaza -- thousands of rockets were fired into cities. areas have been turned into a launching pad for rockets into israel he cities and a haven for global terror and an ammunition dump for iranian weapons. they refuse to accept responsibility and make the tough decisions for peace. israel remains committed to peace. we need a peace that will endure, a peaceful that will secure the peace of israel. we have extended our hand for peace to president abbas.
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we want the palestinian state to recognize israel as a jewish state. that is right, two states for two people. in fact, president abbas, i did not hear you use the phrase two states for two people this afternoon. i have never heard you say the phrase "two states for two people." palestinian leadership has never recognized israel as a state for jewish people. they have never been willing to accept what this very body recognized 65 years ago. israel is a jewish state. in fact, you recognize a
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palestinian state, but you refuse to recognize the jewish state. not only do not recognize it, you try to erase a jewish history. you have tried to erase the connection between the jewish people and jerusalem. you said the jews were trying to alter the historical character of jerusalem. you said that we are trying to change jerusalem. president abbas, the truth is that jerusalem had a jewish character long before other cities had character. president abbas, instead of changing history, it is time that you started making history
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by making peace with israel. it will not change the fact that the palestinian authority has no control over gaza. that is 40% of the territory they claim to represent. president abbas, you cannot visit nearly half of the territory of the state you claim to represent. that territory is controlled by hamas, and internationally recognized terrorist organization that has rained missiles over israel. right into the heart of israel's cities this month. this resolution will not enable the palestinian authority to join international treaties, organizations, or conferences.
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this resolution cannot serve as an acceptable alternative to these negotiations with israel. this resolution says nothing about israel's security needs. and does not call on palestinian to recognize israel as a jewish state. it does not end the conflict. let me tell you what this resolution does do. this resolution violates fundamental binding commitments. this is a commitment that many states gathered here today in this chamber and stan witness to the commitment that all standing issues would only be resolved in direct negotiations. the resolution sends a message
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that the international community is willing to turn a blind eye to peace agreements. the people of israel, it raises a simple question -- why continue to make painful sacrifices for peace in exchange for pieces of paper that the other side will not honor? it makes a peace negotiation unlikely. it will raise expectations that cannot be met, which is always proven to be the recipe for conflict and instability. that route runs through direct negotiations that would lead to
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a secure and lasting peace between israelis and palestinians. there are no shortcuts, no quick axis, no quick solutions, as president obama said in 2010. peace cannot be imposed from the outside. the real message of this resolution for the people of israel is that the in the national community would turn a blind eye to violations by the palestinians. in submitting this resolution, the palestinian leadership is once again making the wrong choice. 65 years ago, palestinians could have chosen to live side- by-side with the jewish state of israel. 65 years ago, they could have chosen to accept the solution
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of two states are two people. they rejected it. they are rejecting it again today. the international community should not encourage this rejection. they cannot encourage us to drive forward recklessly with no hands on the wheel and no eyes on the road. instead, it should encourage the palestinians to enter into direct negotiations. mr. president, winston churchill said, "the truth is in convertible. ignorance may be righted. malice may be sorted, but there it is."
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the truth is that israel wants peace and the palestinians are avoiding it. this resolution is not advancing peace, but undermining it. the un was created to advance the cause of peace. palestinians are turning their back on peace. today, do not let history record that you helped them do that. thank you, mr. president. [applause] >> that was an esteemed representative of israel. i now give the floor to the minister of foreign affairs of indonesia. [applause]
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>> mr. president, mr. secretary-general, the time has come for the international community to set rings right. no longer can the world turn a blind eye to the long- suffering's of the palestinian people. the denial of their basic human rights and fundamental freedoms, the obstruction of their rise to self-determination and to independence. no longer can the world deny that despite enormous barriers, palestinians have diligently and with great result doubled
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capacity to function as a state. they are ready to stand equal as any other state in this assembly. they are ready to unleash its full potential as a force for progress. there can be no reason, therefore, white international community cannot endorse the request for statehood to palestine. 24 years ago, the assembly, through its resolution, has acknowledged -- as a state. we reiterate the hope that palestine's application to full membership in the united nations will be favorably considered.
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we hope that palestine's full membership is consistent with the shared vision of a two state solution. we believe the independent state of palestine with equal rights and equal responsibilities to those of other states will contribute to a just and lasting peace in the middle east. mr. president, the indiscriminate violence and the disproportionate use in gaza and palestine, serves as a serious reminder as a need and acceleration for the peace process. put an end of collective
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punishment. mr. president, by appointing them statehood to the state of palestine, we are signaling the primacy of diplomacy and the rejection of violence. we are making a strong statement for the need of mutual respect among nations. we are beginning to address historic injustices. all humankind, it including the long-suffering people of palestine, is entitled to human rights and fundamental freedoms. thank you, mr. president. [applause]
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>> that was the foreign minister of indonesia. i now give the floor to his excellency, the minister of canada. >> mr. president, canada opposes this resolution and the strongest of terms because it undermines the core foundations of a decade-long commitment to the international community and the parties themselves to its two state solution. we understand a final resolution remains elusive, canada has opposed unilateral
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action by both sides to be unhelpful. we do not believe that unilateral measures taken by one site can be justified by accusations of unilateralism directed at the other. that approach can only result in the steady erosion of the very foundations of a process which while incomplete holds the only realistic chance to bring about two peaceful and prosperous states living side- by-side as neighbors. canada's support for a negotiated settlement is rooted in the very history of this venerable organization and in the sustained and national effort to resolve this matter.
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canada was proud to be one of the countries preparing the blueprints for peace as part of the 1997 un special committee on palestine. that committee came up with a proposal for a two state solution, one predominately jewish, and the other predominately arab, living side-by-side. it resulted in the passage of the un general assembly resolution 181 setting out a plan. however, not all of those who should have supported the decision were prepared to do so. the people of the region have suffered for seven decades as a result. even in those early and difficult days, the principle of collaboration between the two parties was seen as an inherent necessity as reflected
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in them collaboration of a plan for economic union between the two sides. while resolution 101 is never been fully implemented, the idea that two parties need to work together to achieve their mutual and intertwined destinies and potential, has survived. they need to find an elusive east. in 1948, un resolution 194 set up a commission aimed at finding solutions to the problems facing the two sides. in 1967, the un security council passed resolution 242. the council requested the dispatch of a special representative of the secretary general to the region to promote agreement and assist effort to achieve a peaceful and accepted settlement. entrenching for the principle that solutions require the acceptance and collective action of both sides.
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this idea was reaffirmed in 1973 and un resolution 338. there was an immediate cease- fire negotiation aimed at establishing a just and endurable peace. these two resolutions 242 and 33 formed a cornerstone of all subsequent peace commitments and understandings that followed between the two parties describing the need for negotiations as a core principle. both israelis and palestinians
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-- article 1 made that point explicitly in highlighting the interim is an integral part of the peace process and that negotiations will lead to implementation of security council resolutions 242 and 338. in 1995, an important foundation. in the preamble, both sides reaffirmed their desire to achieve a just and lasting peace and to start reconciliation to the greek political process. article 31, section seven, stipulated that neither side shall initiate or take any steps toward changing the west bank. un security resolution 1397 called on the israeli and palestinian sides to cooperate
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with the aim of resuming negotiation on a political settlement. it also offered support to the secretary-general and others and their efforts to resume the peace process. the following year in 2003, there was a roadmap developed. covering peace, security, and humanitarianism. a key element of the principles contained in the roadmap was a requirement of clear and unambiguous acceptance by both parties of the goal of a negotiated settlement that was
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needed to reach the destination. it goes on to say that a negotiation settled between the parties would be resulted in a democratic and palestinian state living side-by-side with israel and its other neighbors. the roadmap required by its very nature a collaborative effort requiring reciprocal steps by the two sides. later that year, the un security council 1515 formally endorsed the roadmap while calling on the parties to fulfill their obligations under the roadmap in cooperation and to achieve the vision of two states living side-by-side in peace and security. the resolution reaffirmed international support for the quartet principles and the
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determination of both parties to reach their goal of putting a peace treaty resolving all outstanding issues without exception. it also called on both sides to refrain from any steps that could undermine the prejudice of the outcome of a negotiation. the resolution and various international commitments and understanding of over nearly seven decades have formed the building block of a collaborative peace process that remains unfinished. the path to peace has rested in direct negotiations between the two parties to resolve their issues and it remains the same today. solutions can only come to the two sides working together. this resolution before us will not advance the cause of peace or spur the return to negotiation. will the palestinian people be
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better off as a result? no. it would raise unrealistic expectations about doing nothing to improve the lives of the palestinian people. canada is committed to a comprehensive and just peace in the middle east where the two states living side-by-side in peace, security, and prosperity. any two state solution must be negotiated and mutually agreed-upon between both sides. any unilateral action from either side outside of a framework is ultimately not helpful. candidate has long supported efforts to bring the two sides to the bargaining table to resolve all outstanding issues. we remain committed to that object of today. he cannot support an initiative that we believe will undermine them reaching a comprehensive and lasting settlement for both sides.
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it is for this reason that canada is voting against this resolution. we will be considering all available next steps. we call for both sides to come to the table. candidate will be there to offer its full support. thank you. [applause] >> i thank the minister of foreign affairs from canada. i now give the floor to his excellency, the minister of foreign affairs of turkey. [applause] >> his excellency, the president of palestine, the united nations, excellencies,
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and turkish, we have a saying, "one who closes an eye is blind." many have closed their eyes to the rights of the palestinian people. for 65 years, no resolution that has been accepted has been honored. no one can erase the palestinian people by closing their eyes. it is on the streets of gaza where thousands of people live
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through an inhumane and open prison. it is on the streets of west bank where people have to go through checkpoints nearly on every corner. it is in the heart of the palestinian people who have been subject to exile, massacres, wars, collective punishment for many decades. the right of palestine is in the consciousness of all humanity, of all of us. i have personally witnessed the realities in gaza at the height of the crisis. i came across a father who lost his daughter a moment ago during the bombardment which also left his wife terribly wounded. leaning his head on my chest to
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seek some relief, he has tears to tell his family tragedy. he also tells me that tragedy of the whole palestinian nation. today is a milestone. we have a chance to open our eyes to the realities. today we have an opportunity to help the palestinian people, who aspire for having a chance to uphold the dignity's. i am please to participate in the historic meeting of this general assembly. we have gathered here to write an injustice against the palestinian people. for that future, we should
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stand behind palestine to become a state. this is a moment of truth for all of us. they have been denied this right. last year, the palestinian president mahmud abbas, applied for full membership. unfortunately, the application has been left unanswered. here comes another chance for us. we ask to honor the obligation to the palestinians and to grant them membership of a state. it it is high time for all of us to uphold the universal values of justice and dignity.
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excellency's, if there is one term which characterizes humanity, that is dignity. the struggle of the palestinian people in the past 65 years -- they want respect and the commission of the rights to determine their own futures. we cannot shy away from supporting its demands to have a state of their own. [applause] that will represent an independent state, finally we
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stood together. this is our responsibility to the palestinian people. this will not be achieved until we see the state of palestine standing side-by-side with hours as a full member of the united nations. i hope that day will come soon. [applause] we have three main reasons to do so. first, it is a humanitarian and moral publication on our part. no one can deny the suffering
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of the palestinians since the first world war until today. there was always an excuse for the inhumane treatment of the palestinian people. secondly, it is about the lyrical and historical context. unfortunately, there was a comprehensive piece on two states living side-by-side in peace has been put on ice. instead, day by day -- it is not sustainable, nor is it acceptable. it has resulted in the loss of many civilian lives. meanwhile, the continued
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expansion of illegal settlements undermines the solution of a two state resolution. peace in the middle east and beyond be achieved without a just and comprehensive resolution to the palestinian issue. negotiations made in the region -- supporting the palestinian peace is about whether we want a lasting peace in the middle east and beyond. granting palestine statehood would be a booster. our call is for peace. no more and no less. [applause] ladies and gentlemen, we need to have unbiased manner, prudence, and vigilance. it obliges us to listen to the
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call early leaf and justice for the palestinian people, which we have turned deaf so far. we have to stop -- the argument that the palestinians must resume negotiations before getting statehood is past issue. there are great to see that there have been efforts to deter palestinians at the un. in this episode, we have been told that now is not the right time. for some, the timing was also not right. the argument goes back to when
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the un general assembly decided resolution 181 on a petition from 1987. let me speak bluntly -- if not now, when? when will it be the right time for the palestinians to achieve the right at statehood if not today? [applause] the current peace process can no more be used to undermine the palestinian request to become a recognized state. distinguished representatives, the completion of palestinian statehood is not an option, but a moral, political, and strategic obligation for the community. i want to address and salute all palestinians, from jerusalem to gaza.
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[cheers and applause] we, as turkey, will stand by you for ever. you are not alone and we will not leave you alone. [applause] we will stand by you until there is a free and independent palestine. i call on all un members to put their long overdue responsibility to palestinians. bring relief to the entire palestinian nation.
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now is the moment of truth. ladies and gentlemen, the state of palestine must be given its right. thank you very much. [applause] >> i thank the minister of
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foreign affairs of turkey. before proceeding to consider draft resolution of accepting palestine into the united nations, i will give a few remarks of my own. as president of the general assembly. mr. secretary-general, mr. president, esteemed foreign ministers and excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, during the course of this meeting, we had the distinct privilege to hear from representatives of two great nations -- president mahmud abbas of palestine and the ambassador of israel. both come from a land that has
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been tormented by conflict for many centuries with countless victims on all sides. this strife during the 67 years of this organization's existence, despite the fact it came into being to save the succeeding generation from war, notwithstanding the efforts of some of the greatest statesman of the 20th century, and negotiated commented settlement enabling israel and palestine to live side-by-side in peace and security has yet to materialize.
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so is that estrangement and mistrust, they continue to bury their children. in mobilizing an interconnected world, what happens on the river jordan on the shores of the mediterranean has become the key to security and well-being of the entire mankind. excellencies, i have no doubt that history will judge this day as having been fraught with significance. whether it will be looked upon as the right direction on the road to peace will depend on how we bear ourselves in its wake. let us therefore have the wisdom to act on the goal that we all share. and coming to the end of my
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remarks, allow me to extend an appeal to all of you, and to my dear friend from palestine and israel, to work with peace and negotiate in good faith and succeed in reaching a historical settlement. this is your most solemn duty to the world, but first and foremost to the proud men and women who live in the land that is holy to so many of us. it is written, "god is peace. his name is peace. all is bound together in the peace." excellencies, in a few moments i will ask you to cast your ballot as you see fit.
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i am sure that each of you will do so with a feeling in your heart that your choice is serving the cause of a righteous peace. thank you for your attention. [applause] and assembly will now take a resolution on draft entitled status of palestine in the united nations. i want now to the floor to the undersecretary general. >> thank you, mr. president. i would like to announce since the submission of the draft resolution and in addition to allegations listed on the document, the following countries have also become
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cosponsors of -- angola. belize. granada. sri lanka. vietnam. thank you. >> thank you, secretary general. every court of the vote has been requested. we shall now begin the voting process. it was favor of the draft resolution a/67, l-68, please signify. those against and also the
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extensions. >> the general assembly is now voting on draft resolution entitled status of palestine in the united nations. we'll all delegations confirmed that their votes are accurate and reflect in on the board?
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>> a lot of countries are missing, no? >> some aren't there. >> the voting has been completed. [applause] >> the results of the voting is as follows.
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for it, 138. opposed, 9. abstained, 41. >> the floor goes to the secretary-general of the united nations. >> mr. president, excellencies, ladies and gentleman, an important vote has taken place today in the general assembly.
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the decision [indiscernible] i stand ready to fulfill my role and report to this assembly, as requested in the resolution. my question has been consistent. the palestinians have a right to their own independent state. israel has the right to live in peace and security with its neighbors. there is no substitute for negotiations. today's vote underscores the urgency of meaningful negotiations. we must give due impetus to ensure an independent democratic state of palestine lives with a secure state of
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israel. i urge the parties to renew their commitment for negotiating peace. i count on all of you to act responsibly, preserve your treatment in state-building under the leadership of president abbas and the prime minister. thank you. [applause] >> i thank the secretary- general of the united nations for a statement. >> we are now proceeding to the
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explanations of the vote. i would like to remind the delegations the explanations of the votes and limited 10 minutes. i now give the floor to be distinguished representative of the united states. >> thank you, mr. president. for decades, the united states has worked to help achieve a comprehensive and to be long and tragic arab-israeli conflict. we have always been clear that only through direct negotiations between the parties and the palestinians and israelis achieve the peace that both deserve. two states for two people with a sovereign, viable independent palestine living side by side in peace and security with a
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jewish and democratic israel. that remains our goal and we measured a proposed action against that clear yardstick. will it bring the parties closer to peace or push them further apart? will it help israelis and palestinians return to negotiations or hinder their efforts to reach a mutually acceptable agreement. unfortunate and counterproductive resolution places further obstacles in the path of peace. that is why the united states voted against it. the backers of today's resolution say they seek a functioning, independent palestinian state at peace with israel. so do we.
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but we have long been clear that the only way to establish such a palestinian state and resolve all permanent status' issues is through the crucial -- permanent status issues is through the crucial and painful work of negotiation between the parties. this is not just a better route commitment of the united states. israel and the -- this is not just a pet rock commitments of the united states -- bedrock commitment of the united states. it has been endorsed frequently by the international community. the united states agrees strongly. today's grand pronouncements will soon fade and the palestinian people will wake up tomorrow and find a little about their lives has changed say that the prospect for a durable
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peace have only received it. the united states -- prospects for a durable peace have only receded. the united states pass 48 talks without preconditions on all of the issues that divide them. -- ask for negotiations without preconditions on all of the issues that divide them. we will continue to oppose firmly any and all unilateral actions in international bodies or treaties that circumvent or prejudge the outcomes that can only be negotiated, including palestinian statehood. we will continue to stand up to every effort that seeks to
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delegitimize israel's or undermine is security. progress toward a just and lasting two state solution cannot be made by pressing a green voting button here in this hall, nor does passing any resolution creates a state where none exists or change the reality on the ground. for this reason, today's vote should not be misconstrued by any as constituting eligibility for u.n. membership. it does not. this resolution does not establish that palestine is a state. the united states believes the current resolution should not and cannot be read as establishing terms of reference. in many respects, the resolution prejudges the issues is says are
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to be resolved through negotiation, particularly with respect to its territory. at the same time, it ignores other questions such as security, which must be solved for any final agreement to be achieved. -- viable agreement to be achieved. president obama has outlined a realistic basis for negotiations to continue. we will based our efforts on that approach. the recent conflict in gaza is the latest reminder that the absence of peace risks the presence of war. we urged those who share our hopes for peace between a sovereign palestine into a secure israel to join us in supporting negotiations, not as encouraging further distractions. there are no shortcuts.
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long after the votes have been cast, long after the speeches have been forgotten, it is the palestinians and the israelis who must still talk to each other and listen to each other. , and find a way to live side by side in the land they share. thank you, mr. president. [applause] >> president obama travels to pennsylvania friday to talk about his plan to avoid the fiscal cliff. the event is part of the white house's effort to cut public support to end the bush era tax cuts for incomes on $250,000 and above. it will be shown at noon eastern on c-span 3. >> washington worked his way up
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and went to harvard law school. he emigrated out west to the lead minee industry was in its heyday. he arrived by stagecoach, by train and arrived in this muddy mining town, boarded himself in a log cabin and slowly worked his way up and became a successful lawyer and got involved politically, ran for congress, search for 8 terms. he then befriended abraham lincoln, obviously from illinois, and ulysses s. grant, and as they were on the rise, he stayed with them as a close confidante and colleague during the civil war.
6:59 am
after grant was elected president, he appointed washburn secretary of state. at that time, he became ill. his family feared for his life. after 10 days, he submitted his resignation to president grants. grant regretfully accepted his resignation. over the next several months, he regained his health, which was always fragile. grant offered him the position as minister to france, ambassador to france. >> researcher and author michael hill on washburn, minister to france during the franco- prussian war. he provided political and humanitarian support. humanitarian support. "q & a," sunday night at 8
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